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In 1962, when I was about to turn 11 years old, I watched what at that time was probably the most terrifying TV episode of The Twilight Zone I had ever seen: “Little Girl Lost”.

What I remembered:

  • A little girl falls through a portal in her bedroom wall and ends up in another dimension.
  • Her parents hear her crying, in different parts of their house, but they can’t see her.
  • The portal keeps getting smaller and smaller, as measured by chalk marks on the wall.
  • She never gets out.

This, of course, was enough to keep me away from walls at night for a long time, never mind the whole separation anxiety thing.

Well, a few years ago, on a whim, I watched the episode again on DVD, and comparing reality to memory was an interesting adventure.

What I experienced:

  • My general recollection was relatively accurate.
  • We never see the portal shrinking – it’s only implied at the end.
  • The girl and her dog are rescued by her father.
  • The girl is voiced by a whiny, petulant adult.
  • The acting was so bad I wanted to slap all three adult characters, each of which had the intelligence of your median ditchdigger.

I had forgotten about Rod Serling hawking the pleasure of smoking Chesterfields at the end of each episode.

In a way, it was nice. Because now the childhood memory can be updated, and any residual creepiness has vanished forever. This was very similar to the experience I had with Terror from the Year 5000.

On a side note, I was also seriously creeped out by “The Thing,” which was a staple on “Million Dollar Movie” in New York; later viewings actually confirmed that I had good reason to be so. It remains a masterpiece of frightfulness to this day.

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The most peaceful monument I’ve ever seen

Cemeteries are peaceful places. For campaign managers, they are an abundant source of additional votes for their candidate:

26 - AddamsDowdForAlderman

Artist: Charles Addams

For genealogists, they are a rich source of family data:

William Draper Senior Tombstone - Incorrect Birthdate

Although one must be careful. This gentleman, my GGG-Grandfather, was actually born in 1774; whoever had the stone made obviously thought, “Ooh, wouldn’t it be cool if we said he was born in the year of independence!” And so it was written, and so it was done. Still, graveyards have given me much information and many leads that I otherwise would not have had.

(A parenthetical plug here for, a virtual cemetery containing millions of online memorials.)

Having spent many, many hours haunting various cemeteries in my home town and during my travels around the country, I came to appreciate them as places of peace and contemplation, and sometimes great poignancy.


This one, located in the Salt Lake City cemetery, makes me mist up every time I see it.

People or their families choose to create memorials in many different ways – just Google the images section for “unusual grave markers” for a selection. Some are bizarre, others frightfully clever.

Today on reddit, I saw another monument posted; it captured my heart immediately.


Posted by /u/551100, this is the grave marker of Alfred Schnittke. Explained by /u/Rentiak:

“It’s a musical staff with a semibreve (the center bar) indicating a rest or pause in the music. The fermata (the half circle + dot at the top) indicates to hold the note (in this case the rest) as long as desired. The note should then be performed fortississimo (the three f’s at the bottom), meaning it should be performed extremely loudly/strongly.

So it’s an extremely loud/strong rest to be held as long as desired.”

Now that is resting in peace.

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A Spammer selling Spamming

From: “Info” <>
To: [obfuscated]

Subject: [SPAM] hi there

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His web page is already gone, and I suspect the gmail addresses have already been deleted as well. The country code of the phone number is in India. No real way of knowing where this came from, or where the drone lives. Perhaps the CIA could find out, but they’re too busy spying on American citizens to care.

On the spectrum of criminal activities, this is small potatoes, but it still twists my mind to know that there are so many people out there who care nothing for ethics or morals when it comes to making money.
Old_Wolf_Cry   Sad.
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Scam: Permanent Position – Work at your home


European consultatory office is hiring regional agents in Canada! Our company is one of the biggest consultatory companis in Europe. We we are among TOP-5 companis by development rate in 2013-2014.

Our main areas of work are outsource turnkey solutions, opening accounts at financial institutions, taxes refinement. Business running demands in Canada have TRIPLED over the previous 1 2 months. We currently maintain 320 clients. And over 1000 potential clients with whom we are discussing plans at the moment.

To maintain this customer data base we are hiring about 15 to 20 regional agents on the Canadian territory.
Overall hiring schedule: a fortnight of intensified preparation followed by monitoring clients’ contracts and performing some marketing investigations afterwords.

Our nominal reward (even during preparation) is 2000 $ a month.

Get back to me for more detailed information.

Best regards,
Human Resources Department
Mack Maia

It should be painfully obvious that this is a scam. Do not answer this email if you should receive it. I’ve had it three times in the last week, with different names attached: Range Stephenie, Mack Maia, and Hudson Lettie (all fabricated names and email addresses, of course.

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Gordon Parks: Alabama, 1950′s


This beautiful picture by Gordon Parks is one of a series of 40 that will be on display at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia. I had posted another image from this series here without attribution, which has now been rectified.

There is very little to say about this era of our history that has not already been said, and better, by other historians and sociologists. Yet this particular image strikes me with the sheer insanity of the entire proposition. Same restaurant, same server, same product, yet a separate window six feet away from the “White” one. None of it makes any sense, and as I take a long view of our nation, I realize that although superficial progress has been made, there is still far too much bigotry alive and well.

Read more about the exhibit at the Daily Mail.

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I’m going to Mars!

Well, at least my name is.


Today’s the last day to get your name on a chip that will be included on Orion’s test flight on December 4th; later submissions can still get on subsequent missions, including to the red planet itself.

You can sign up today, October 31, 2014 at NASA.

My old bones may be earthbound, but my spirit soars to the stars.

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Frightfully clever crossover technology marketing

The picture below submitted to reddit by /u/golmal7 shows a flexi-disc CD by Kid Koala entitled “15 Blues Bits.”


The top side of the CD comes impressed like a vinyl record, and the disc comes with a cardboard gramophone that you can play.

Here’s a video of the record being played with the included kit:

And here’s what it sounds like on a regular turntable:

I have no idea whether the music on the CD is any good, but that’s innovative marketing.

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