Beware of the “Robertson Foundation Grant” scam

Reported in detail by Lin Edwards

The scammers are still active – this morning’s email included this:

From: Steve Ballard <>
To: Steve Ballard <>

Subject: RE: Robertson Foundation development grant

You have been short-listed for the Robertson Foundation development grant. Please contact EMAIL: for more information 

I have reported the return address ( – roadrunner redirects to Time Warner – as a fraudulent address, but I’m surprised it hasn’t been shut down before this. Perhaps TW doesn’t care. The only thing you can do to protect yourself is delete suspicious emails like this at once, or if you do investigate, remember:

  • NEVER pay money to collect a prize
  • NEVER give out financial details over the telephone or internet unless you are dealing with a verified organization
  • NEVER pay money go obtain a grant.

There are so many bott0m-feeders out there, and vigilance is your only protection.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

12 responses to “Beware of the “Robertson Foundation Grant” scam

  1. I got an email from the same scam. The red Flags went up with the UK office, and stating for me not to tell anyone. But when they approved me in 8 hours and sent my approval on Saturday morning, that was enough. I started looking into this, and I’m convinced it’s a scam.

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